Today the amount of worthless waste can be converted into the world's new energy resources

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Today, owning a refinery company is not a dream anymore. With the starting cost at USD 1.1 million , you can easily achieve 5,000 liters of oil per day, and 100,000 liters per day at USD 15.7 million.

Given oil price tends to rise over time, its producer, consequently, is in one of the stably revenue-making businesses, and when our world is still bound to industrializing like today, it is undeniable that oil is holding tight the title of the most important natural resource. Whether our economy is good or bad, our life is facing a crisis or a disaster or not, the price of standard oil always stays high, if not rallying, no matter what the fashion the producer chooses as long as it is qualified standard. For that reason, oil business is worth of investing like a saying Who produces oil, produces rich..

AES (AVA Evolution System) is an oil-producing machine capable of generating gasoline, diesel and fuel oil by using such raw materials as plastic waste, used oil, tires, or even crude oil itself. The final product it produces can be immediately used by all kind of vehicles without any problem whatsoever with a proof of having constantly been being tested over the last 3 years.

AVA Energy International is a manufacturing company whose devoted team has been studying related facts and doing many researches for 3 years to build a successful AES. Today, we are proud to call it the pinnacle of our development and ready to make it happens with big wealth in sight for those who will never make a better decision becoming our franchisees. We, hence, invite you or anyone who shares the same ideal with us in making our world a better place by turning waste into much more valued energy, a greatly potential force to drive the world economy to a bright future.

AESs capacity ranges from 5,000 liters per day to 1 million liters per day or more, depending on the investors need. Today, we are well ready and have no problem in facilitating our customers-- domestic or oversea-- and can install AES anywhere on this planet.

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